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FBI Hostage Negotiation

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A ruthless bank robber who robs banks for a living is cornered inside a bank with nowhere to escape. The robber took an innocent woman hostage, pointing a gun to her head. As a highly trained FBI hostage negotiator, you've been urgently summoned to confront this high-stakes crisis. Your primary objective in this nightmare is to secure the safe release of the hostage.

You can not offer any transportation, weapons, drugs, or alcohol. A hostage exchange is strictly off the table. NOBODY can go into the bank. People can only come OUT of the bank.

Can you save the hostage?


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Bruno Verdini

Bruno Verdini

MIT DUSP, Asia School of Business + MIT Sloan, MIT-Harvard Mexico Negotiation Program, MIT Science Impact Collaborative

"Simulation Labs does all the hard work behind the scenes so that I and others can create truly realistic negotiation simulations. Try my Photo Opp case or better yet, Kevin’s FBI hostage case. They are fun to play and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn in the process."

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Barry Nalebuff

Yale School of Management, 500k+ Coursera learners, Cofounder of Honest Tea, Author of "Split the Pie"

"Simulation Labs is leading the way in using AI to craft negotiation exercises that are ultra-engaging and instructive. They enable students and practitioners to sharpen their strategic and interpersonal skills, closing deals and resolving disputes. The AI even provides personalized coaching that people can apply in their real-life cases."

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Prof. Michael Wheeler

His 8-week Negotiation Mastery course on HBS Online has been taken by leaders, managers, and students from 162 countries